Anti-skid bands for rollers

Our services include also deliveries of anti-skid bands for textile machinery rollers. These bands, designed for machine cylinders, are oil and abrasion resisting.
We deliver following band types:
N Natural rubber
K Synthetic ruberr
C Cork and ruberr
PU Polyurethane / foamed Polyurethane
F Nylon
S Silicone ruberr
P PVC (Polyvenylchlorid)
WP Pure pool plush
BH Spreader
KHT Heat resisting ruberr
SF Synthetic felt
WF Wool felt
MC Synthetic ruber rand modified
ZP pěněné PVC
SE Synthetic elastomer
NE přírodní kaučuk
KE syntetický kaučuk
KAS Synthetic antistatic
KES syntetický kaučuk pěněný
KET syntetický kaučuk

Význam zkratek:

D Strip thickness approx.
B Standard width
L Lenght of roll approx.
SK Only self-adhesive
HB Heat resistance up to approx. °C
Original Equipment Manufacturer

The production range includes standard widths: 50, 70 or 100 mm.

Bands are in non-stick and adhesive modification.